The ionized mineral water

The ionized mineral water

High concentration ionic mineral water
from under the earth at 870m


Strengths of Dr.Deep’s natural mineral water
Dr.Deep mineral water which contains 5 times more calcium than milk (5,115mg/L).
SOD (Super Oxide Dismutase) abundant enzyme: Ca, Mg, Si, sulfur etc, more than 30 vital minerals.

Definition of Minerals

Minerals are the five nutrients of human body and they represent the main nutritional element of skin. Ionized minerals such as calcium, magnesium, potassium, zinc, manganese, sulfur, etc., increase the activity of the skin and play a major role in releasing toxicity accumulated in the human body.
The five essential nutrients in the body are carbohydrates, fats, proteins, vitamins and minerals. In other words, minerals are the heroines that move enzymes, the workers of our body, as the vector of life that transmits energy.

About 4 percent of body weight is made up of minerals. They play a role in coordinating all the metabolic needs of the human body as a substance necessary for daily activities.
Modern human diseases can be divided into bacterial diseases caused by bacteria such as viruses and metabolic diseases caused by an imbalance of physiological functions. Metabolic diseases are mainly caused by an imbalance of minerals and vitamins, which help the metabolism.

Minerals play a catalytic role in various reactions occurring in the body and play an essential role in both synthesis and dissolution.

Role of Minerals

Minerals are absolutely essential for the skin and help strengthen the skin’s barrier, regenerate skin cells, detoxify and release skin toxins, regulate skin pH, connect the intercellular enzymes, and activate skin.

Cosmetics based on ionic minerals penetrate deeply into skin, maintain skin balance, restore skin health and give skin the power to overcome skin problems by themselves. The minerals that are essential for metabolism are those that work on your skin. They strengthen the skin’s barrier, help the skin’s moisturizing factor, moisturize the skin, help to prevent skin cells from leaking out, and help to form amino acids.

Essential minerals for the skin

Minerals cannot eliminate skin diseases. However, healthy skin with enough minerals has the power to overcome the cause of the problem. Minerals increase the activity of the skin and play an important role in releasing toxins such as heavy metals accumulated in the human body. The ionic minerals, which are easily absorbed into the skin, strengthen the moisturizing factors of the skin to protect the moisture of the skin and affect the formation of collagen, thus contributing to anti-aging.

If you are worried about the dryness and sensitivity of skin, I would definitely recommend minerals cosmetics.

Types of minerals

Chelated minerals, colloidal minerals, etc. are absorbed into the body by the process of digestion once again in our body, with an absorption rate low but with an absorption rate higher for the mineral. Ionic minerals are minerals that are dissolved in water, which can be absorbed directly into the body by the charged energy crystals.

Only minerals completely dissolved in the ionic state in water can cross the cell membrane and become absorbed. Ionic minerals are also involved in the metabolism of other organic nutrients.

Ionic minerals are good for the health of the skin because the main ingredient is ionic minerals, which are more easily absorbed by the skin.

Composed of bones and teeth. The center of hormonal and enzymatic activity. Improved muscle stress and nerve function.
Deficiency : oweakened bones and teeth (osteoporosis). Nervousness, headache, emotional anxiety. Roughness of the skin, eczema, etc.

Protects the body against infectious diseases by increasing immunity. It participates in the synthesis of different types of hormones. It is involved in the enzymatic activation of 3000 species.
Deficiency : Anemia, liver disease, anorexia, stomatitis, hair loss, skin damage, depression

Main ingredients of bone and teeth of our body with calcium Essential component of cellular metabolism Hydration factor of active skin.
Deficiency : Fatigue, weakness, nervousness, hypertension, diabetes

Called Beauty Mineral, contributes to the delay of cellular aging and collagen synthesis, detoxifying the human body from pollutants and contaminants.
Deficiency : aging of the skin, brittle nails

Enzymatic promoter, pH, etc. Maintains the water balance.
Deficiency : Reduced blood circulation, loss of appetite, muscle paralysis, etc.

pH control of body fluids with a major cation (+) in the cellular fluid Effect on the elimination of carbon dioxide in the body, nerve stimulation, muscle contraction.
Deficiency : Reduced blood circulation, anorexia, muscle paralysis

The most essential (+) cation of the cell to remove toxic substances for water balance, pH control, enzymatic action, etc.
Deficiency : Tension, water retention, acne, constipation, etc.

Strong antioxidant action by binding to vitamin E Preserves elasticity of body tissues Prevention of heavy metal poisoning, including cadmium.
Deficiency : skin lesions, swelling of hair and nails, lethargy, pallor

It is a component of several enzymes, which promotes bone growth, nourishes the nerves and brain and contributes to the functioning of the brain.
Deficiency : mild dermatitis, growth disorder