The genesis of a discovery

The genesis of a discovery

30 years of professional experience in cosmetics for a revolutionary idea
Treat the problem deep rather than superficially : Dr. Deep is born.

Thousands of stories have been collected over the last 8 years
It is a joy for my wife and me to see, each morning on the company site, all the people satisfied by the quality of our products.
We are realizing our dream; that of taking care of others from what nature offers us.

In 2010, during a trip with my wife on an island off the coast of South Korea, we learned of a surprising new discovery, natural water drawn from underground at a depth of 870 m.

A significant investment was made to extract this natural water from the depths of the earth.

In talking to the inhabitants of the island and listening to them, each one exalting the benefits of applying this water to their bodies became the center of our attentions. One thing which was more surprising, I met a man who was suffering from eczema and was completely cured in the space of several weeks in contact with this water. What is more, he was one of the initial investors in the spa project.

We took a sample of this water and continued our research as soon as we returned from our trip and took it to a specialized analysis laboratory. To our great surprise, we realized what a natural treasure we had in our hands: a natural ionized water which has a rich composition of minerals and oligo-elements. For example, calcium was the most remarkable: about 5 times more calcium than in milk and more magnesium, manganese, potassium and zinc than in the mineral composition of thermal spring waters.

If this water is a natural resource for vegetation, couldn’t it take care of our bodies ?

Thus was born, the desire to use this water for fine cosmetics. I am going to be able to bring my professional cosmetic experience of over 30 years to this revolutionary idea. A level of high quality water rich in natural ionized minerals which penetrates deep into the skin! Treat the problem deep rather than superficially: Dr. Deep is born.

Mrs and Mr Jung
RMineral House Co. Ltd. Representatives